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13 Fun And Interesting Gadgets For Pet Owners

Many people come to think of their pets as beloved members of the family, and they want to give them all the comforts of home.

Whether you are looking for new toys to play with your dog, cat, or bird or just want to make your pet’s life more comfortable, these fun pet gadgets are bound to please.

Automatic Pet Door Opener

Conventional pet doors are liable to let stray and wild animals into your home.

An automatic pet door opener will only admit entrance when its sensor picks up a signal from a transmitter that you fasten to your pet’s collar.

Laser Pointer To Play With Your Cat

Cats love chasing anything in motion, whether it is a mouse, bug, bird, or another feline. Use a laser pointer to play with your cat, aiming the beam of colored light around the room to give your pet a workout.

Tennis Ball Fetch Machine for Dogs

If you find yourself tiring out long before your dog wants to quit playing fetch, you will want to get a GoDogGo tennis ball to fetch machine.

It launches balls automatically or by remote control, entertaining your pet while you relax.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Anyone who is tired of the drudgery of cleaning out a cat litter box will appreciate the benefits of an automatic self-cleaning cat litter box. It reduces odors and gives your cat a more hygienic experience.

Ultrasonic Collar To Keep Dogs From Barking All Day

If your faithful dog has been keeping the neighbors up all night with constant barking, you can use an ultrasonic collar that will emit a harmless high-pitched tone to startle the pooch and discourage further barking.

Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

There’s no need to worry about feeding your dog when you have to work late or go out of town unexpectedly. An automatic pet food dispenser supplies nutrition on demand.

Mirror Mate

The Mirror Mate lets you record any sound, such as your own voice, and will replay it every time your pet bird approaches.

Birds love listening to their owners and imitating their voices.

Temperature Regulating Pet Bed

Keep your dog or cat warm and cozy with a special temperature-regulating pet bed from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Its shell contains millions of microcapsules made from the same material used to help astronauts deal with temperature changes.

LED Motion-Activated Cat Ball Toy

A sensor inside this popular cat toy picks up your cat’s movements, activating the LED light and rolling around to encourage playful chasing.

Waterdog Pet Fountain

Your dog will love a waterdog pet fountain, which has a motion sensor that activates the water flow whenever your dog approaches for a drink.

Pet Collar Camera

Are you curious about where your pet has been all day while you’re out at work? A pet collar camera takes snapshots on a regular basis, which you can download to your computer to see the day’s journey of your cat or dog.

Remote Control Dog Toy

What dog wouldn’t enjoy the excitement of playing with a robotic remote control toy?

The Go-Go Dog Pals toy travels at a top speed of 22 miles per hour and runs for 15 minutes on a single charge to give your pooch plenty of fun and exercise.

GPS Pet Tracker

Keep tabs on your dog or cat with a GPS pet tracker that you affix to the collar.
It will pick up and record location data from the satellite navigational system so you can see where your faithful animal goes during patrols.

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