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13 Jobs That Robots Can Do Better Than Humans

The Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner has revolutionized the way people keep their homes neat and tidy. It is a small device that sweeps your home autonomously, freeing you from the drudgery of housekeeping. Beyond the Roomba are a wide variety of jobs that robots can do better than humans.

Fast Food

While fast-food jobs are typically entry-level positions for people looking to begin their career, the repetitive tasks leave much to be desired. Fast food robots will churn out inexpensive meals on-demand.

Help Elderly People in Nursing Homes

In countries with a booming elderly population, the number of nurses and other professionals to take care of them will be in short supply.

Robots will be a boon in nursing homes, bringing medicines to elderly people and picking them up when they fall.

Perform Surgery

The precision required to perform complicated surgical procedures can be achieved much more easily by robots than humans.
Surgeons will eventually teach robots how to do these delicate tasks, speeding up operations.

Build Automobiles

On the assembly line, humans are prone to injuries, boredom, and exhaustion. This is not the case for robots, which can produce a record number of automobiles without growing tired or needing a break for lunch.

Defuse Bombs at the Battlefield

One extremely dangerous task on the field of war is defusing bombs before your troops can move through the area. Robots can handle this type of deadly task and save the lives of our fighting forces.

Pick Fruits and Vegetables

Picking fruits and vegetables is a backbreaking and labor-intensive activity that many people would rather avoid doing. Robots with sophisticated arms and pressure sensors can pick our crops quickly and efficiently without damaging them.

Fight for Our Entertainment

Since the time of ancient Rome, humans have enjoyed the spectacle of combat in arenas. Scientists and engineers now build robots that fight one another for our enjoyment, eliminating the necessity of people getting injured during these sporting events.

Investigate Dangerous Environments

When a nuclear power plant develops a life-threatening emergency, it’s unsafe for humans to go in and investigate the situation. Instead, we can send in robots, which can withstand the radiation and other dangers better than our frail bodies.

Construct New Buildings

As more people become financially able to purchase homes and a new business develops, construction crews can become hard-pressed to find enough laborers to finish the work. Robotic builders can accomplish these tasks much more quickly and efficiently.

Clean the Streets

Cities typically only have enough resources to sweep the streets one day per week after garbage collection, leaving debris to pile up during the other six days. Robotic janitors and street sweepers can patrol our nation’s streets on a constant basis.

Assemble Electronic Devices

Complicated electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, and entertainment systems take a great deal of fine work to assemble. Such tasks are better suited for robots to handle, as they maintain precision levels without tiring.

Fight Crime

Police officers are often stretched to the breaking point as they try to patrol the areas in their cities that are most plagued by crime. Robotic cops can arrest criminals without fear of injury or death and will help fill in the gaps in our law enforcement capability.

Paint Houses

House painting is such a drudgery that many homeowners prefer to hire someone else to take care of the job. Humans work imprecisely, however, and they cannot work nearly as quickly as a robot when it comes to putting on a fresh coat of paint.

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