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8 Reasons Your Next Computer Should Be A MacBook

Apple continues to impress the technology community with its innovative and sleek MacBook laptops. Over the last few years, the laptop industry has been in a state of perpetual catch-up with the design and technical achievements of Apple’s line of portable computers. Here are 8 reasons your next computer should be the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air:

Can choose between portable Air or powerful Pro

Apple’s MacBook line comes with two great options: The MacBook Air for extreme portability and battery life, or the MacBook Pro for a more powerful processor, graphics card, and Retina Display.

Retina Display

The Retina Display really has to be seen to be believed.
The sharpness of images and text is so great that you’ll sometimes forget you’re looking at a computer screen.

Super-fast Flash-based storage

Both the Pro and Airlines have been completely switched from HDD hard drives to SSD.
While this does mean you have less total storage (unless you pay hundreds more when you buy the computer), it also means you can access your information much faster, and there is almost no risk of data corruption.


Apple’s industry-leading extended warranty and customer service are a huge part of the benefit of owning an Apple device. Regardless of what is wrong with your computer, chances are they can fix it or replace it (at no additional cost).

Illuminated keyboard

Apple led the way with the illuminated keyboard years ago, and there is an increasing number of laptops that come with this feature. However, Apple manages to make the backlighting just bright enough without being harsh on eyes in dim conditions.

Best laptop design on the market

The MacBook Air “wedge” shape has had imitators since the current design was released in 2010. However, none have managed to quite replicate the industry-leading design, weight distribution, or overall “coolness” of either the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro.

Advanced Intel chipset

Both the Air and the Pro have now incorporated the cutting-edge Intel “Haswell” chipset. These processors are significantly more efficient, leading to lower power requirements.

Long battery life

The MacBook Air 13” has an industry-leading 13-hour battery life with regular use, and even the 15” MacBook Pro with power-sucking Retina Display manages 8 hours with regular use. This is partially thanks to Apple’s OS X, and partially thanks to the power-efficient Intel processors.

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