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What Is A Telegram? How To Use It?

In the crowd of Facebook messengers, you may have never sat down to think about telegrams. But do you know, Telegram is one of the top 5 most popular messaging services in the world? Yes, many also think that this is the best messaging app. But why folks? Doesn’t that make you want to know What more do you get here than Facebook Messenger? So today there is a full discussion about telegram for you so that you can clear your idea about the popular Telegram Messenger application. Stay tuned-

What is a telegram?

Like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, it is also a messaging app that gives you the benefits of text messaging as well as video calls or voice messages. And the amazing thing here is that it allows you to share any file in 2 GB size, which is unique. Pavel Durav and Nikolai Duravit, two Russian entrepreneurs, invented the telegram app currently in trading.

How did the Telegram app originate?

I have already said that the origin of the telegram is in the hands of two brothers named Pavel Durav and Nikolai Duravit. But just before they discovered it, they did a strange thing.

The incident was something like this-

Just before the invention of the telegram, they two left Vkontakte, Russia’s largest social network, which had once held their hands. And soon after they left, they decided to invent something bigger than that. As a result, he was able to make the Telegram app in 2013. That same year it was opened to the public. And the number of users that year stands at 1 lakh. The next year, in 2014, which was 35 million.

34 million in just 1 year, maybe so much popularity in such a short time or no app yet. And even now its popularity is growing. Which we can understand by looking at the number of its over 400 million users. And it is constantly growing.

Some of the popular features of the Telegram app-

Do you know the reason behind the popularity of the Telegram app? All its unique features. So at this stage, I will talk about the features of the Telegram app-

1. Advantages of using multiple phone numbers-

From time to time we need to change the phone numbers of our social media accounts. And the biggest problem at this time is that the contacts on the previous SIM card have disappeared from the chat list. And it takes a lot of time to sort everything out. What to do in this situation?

No worries, there is a telegram. Yes, Telegram will do the above for you. You do not have to worry about it. As soon as you change the SIM, all your chat history will be transferred to the new SIM. And this way you can easily change your SIM card as you wish.

2. Customizing

This is one of the most popular features of Telegram which allows you to customize your chat area. This allows you to change the chat color or chat background at any time, depending on your needs.

3. Telegram bot-

Sometimes you need someone to reply to your messages even if you are not there. In this situation, you can only think of an associate. But don’t threaten your privacy by bringing in someone from outside.

And what’s the point of having a telegram? Yes, Telegram Bot can receive and forward your necessary messages even if you are not there. Really great, isn’t it?

4. Message mute-

Currently one of our problems is notifications of various social media applications. As soon as you turn on the internet on your mobile, there is a storm of notifications. And most of it is about messaging. So to overcome this problem, you may like the Telegram app. Because you can mute all your messages here. Which will get rid of the hassle of notification.

5. Connect to Proxy Server –

You may all be familiar with the subject of proxy servers. It has some familiarity with telegrams. Why?

The reason is that telegrams are still isolated or banned in some remote areas. In that case, when you go to use Telegram, you either have to connect VPN or change your IP. Which is a little troublesome. But no worries. Why do you have to think about having a telegram?

Telegram has an option called Use Proxy which allows you to use it in restricted or blocked areas.

6. Save Message Feature and Cloud Services –

This feature provides a unique advantage for you. This will allow you to view the files you need from anywhere.

However, this means that you do not have to use a separate memory to save the message. Because Telegram has allocated a cloud service for you. Here you can save all your files.

7. Sharing your live location along the way-

One of the features of Telegram is location sharing. Suppose you go to a friend’s house. But the problem is you are going to his house for the first time. You don’t know the road well and no one with you.

In this case, you can get a description of the road from your friend through live location sharing of Telegram. And you can easily reach your journey.

8. Multiple profile pictures at once-

One of the biggest expectations of a Facebook or Messenger user is to add multiple profile pictures at once. They want the people they talk to to see these pictures of them together. Many people change profile pictures is because it is not possible to add many pictures together on Facebook.

But the days of that era are over. Telegram gives you the unique advantage of adding multiple profile pictures at once.

Why is Telegram a little different from others?

I am coming to this stage with the uniqueness of telegram. You may remember from the very beginning that I said Telegram is the most popular messaging app for many people. But why? Don’t they use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp?

Yes, they use Facebook or WhatsApp just like you. However, the telegram is very popular with them. What is the reason?

The reason is nothing more. All of its unique features and security or personal security assurance.

Comparison between WhatsApp and Telegram

If you look at the most popular messaging service in the world, WhatsApp, they have 1.3 billion users.

WhatsApp also has some similarities with Telegram’s unique features like Secret chat or Self Destructing Message. But the popular DarkMode feature in the modern world has not yet been launched on WhatsApp. Again, even if you think about group capacity, you are getting more from Telegram.

After all, apart from our security features, telegram is much ahead of WhatsApp.

Comparison between Messenger and Telegram

Let’s come with Messenger. I will say one thing at the beginning. That is, you all know that users are accused of smuggling personal information, but Messenger has been around for a long time. They talk about the security of the messenger, but how much is actually giving? You can take a few reports later to find out.

And in a nutshell, I’m going to summarize Forbes’ comments about Messenger.

It is completely wrong that Messenger says that they ensure the safety of the user. In fact, they play with it. For which they have been caught many times.

You should never use it for your own safety. But the telegram is not like that. Rather they are known to be the most secure after WhatsApp. And the proof of its security is always in front of us.

Which would be better for you?

The main reason for the above discussion was to explain the matter to you. What’s the matter? The point is that the combination of Messenger and WhatsApp features is in Telegram.

Did you notice? If not, do a little. Look at WhatsApp. Where Dark mode or group space is a long way off.

In the case of Messenger, even if they have those things, they are not providing security properly. In this situation, if you see a little, you will understand, telegram, but both services are going very well.

And I forgot to mention one thing here. That is file sharing. You can share up to a maximum of 25 MB on Messenger and up to 16 MB on WhatsApp.

So if you keep the above in mind, it will be clear why Telegram claims to be much better than the Facebook or WhatsApp you use.

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