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What is Dropbox? How does it work? Why or how to use it?

We cannot keep many files or pictures of daily life in our used memory card or storage. Again, it is often seen that in a hurry we have deleted some files or pictures without knowing it. We often have to face such complications. No worries, today we are going to discuss a popular service on the internet to solve this universal complication that will solve our problems right away. And this service is Dropbox.

Although some other companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazone, etc. have the same service as Dropbox, I personally have always been in favor of using Dropbox. And I would suggest you use it too. Let’s find out then, what is Dropbox? How does it work? And a brief history of Dropbox.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a very popular online file hosting service. It is basically a cloud-based storage facility where you can save all your files very easily.

Dropbox will give you a certain amount of free storage space on its server, where you can keep any of your information safe or you can share your files with others. And the funny thing is, you can use it just like your own hard drive.

You know what Dropbox is, but what about cloud-based storage? If you want to know more about this, keep reading.

What is Cloud Based Storage?

In fact, cloud-based storage is the act of storing your data over the Internet or directly over the Internet. In this case, a data capacity or storage is required for storage. And you get this data capacity or storage by using any third-party app or software. One of which is this Dropbox. Hope you understand Dropbox.

How did Dropbox originate?

The history behind Dropbox was something like this:

Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox, often forgot to take his USB Flash Drive to class when he was a student at MIT. The matter is somewhat similar to yours or mine. Because sometimes we also face such problems. Isn’t it?

However, Drew Houston continues to look for ways to solve this problem. Then at one point, he got his problem solved. And when he finds a solution to his personal problem, he thinks that the problem may happen to everyone. And so he invented Dropbox as an implementation to eliminate this problem. Which is currently serving more than 700 million registered users.

All the popular features of Dropbox-

We know that Dropbox is one of the top ten cloud storage services in the world. But why is Dropbox so popular? But the answer is one. And that is all the great features of Dropbox. Even if you haven’t used Dropbox, I firmly believe that you will be attracted to these services. What are the services that will attract you to use Dropbox? Stay tuned to find out –

Dropbox provides full file security –

One of the biggest benefits of Dropbox is that it provides full security for your files. You can rest assured to keep all the important files here. Because all your files in Dropbox are under full security. There is no possibility of losing or deleting it. Again, there is no fear of your data being stolen from Dropbox.

Dropbox allows you to access files from anywhere.

Suppose your home is in New York you went to California for an emergency. But you left the work file at home by mistake. In such a situation, there is no other way but to return home. But think, what if you had a Dropbox account?

If you had a Dropbox account, you might as well keep the file there. And wherever he went, he would get access from there, he would not have to come home with difficulty. And you didn’t have to carry the laptop with you. However, in this case, you can access it from only 3 devices.

Dropbox supports all types of devices-

Dropbox is everywhere for you no matter what phone or laptop you use. Because it also supports PC or laptops starting from IOS and Android. And you can access the files saved in Dropbox from the phone to the laptop and from the laptop. Really awesome, isn’t it? And if there is any file on the office laptop, you can see it sitting at home.

The convenience of creating custom folders in Dropbox –

Yes, Dropbox allows you to create different folders for different files. And with this feature of Dropbox, you can share your files according to folders.

Simply put, suppose you want to create a folder for your different customers. In this case, you can create a public folder and share its link with friends or customers.

Share a large file in Dropbox via link sharing –

Suppose you want to send a file to someone via email. But as its size is very big, You are a little worried. This is quite normal. Because you can’t share files larger than 25 MB in email. What to do now?

As is the problem, so is the solution. Yes, you can share the link of that file with your friend or colleague via email through Dropbox. And he can access it from anywhere. In this case, you have to make the link public.

Dropbox comes with free service up to a certain limit

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. This is one of the main services of Dropbox. Which really deserves a lot of praise. And how much do you know the specific limit? With this free service, you will get free 2 GB space or storage. Which can be further enhanced through referral programs. Really unimaginable, isn’t it?

However, outside of this free service, but you can buy the services with other paid or money. For this, you have to pay them some money per month. But that service is also very popular because for only $11.99 a month you get 2 terabytes of free storage from Dropbox. Have you ever thought so much?

Dropbox allows you to view shared files

The facility of file monitoring is a very useful service. Because you will want to know who is doing what in your file or who did what. And with that in mind, Dropbox has come up with this service for you.

Backup websites or laptops to Dropbox

If you want to save all the information on your website or laptop somewhere, Dropbox can be the center of your trust.

Because Dropbox is going to give you storage facilities as well as security of your information. Which is really unimaginable. And what’s bad if you get 2 terabytes of laptop space for just $11.99 a month? Hope you understand.

Dropbox or Google Drive?

As an alternative to Dropbox, you might want to consider your familiar Google Drive. Remember, Dropbox is so popular because it’s much more than Google Drive. Let’s take a look at the differences between Dropbox and Google Drive.


Google Drive gives you 15 GB of free with cloud storage. Even though there are emails and other files attached, it is still huge storage. But with an Android phone and email, 15 GB seems too little to me.

Meanwhile, Dropbox’s space is only 2 GB. But you may have heard of Dropbox’s referral program where you get 500 MB of free storage on a single referral. Dropbox service has a total of 32 referrals for a free account. This means that you are getting a total of 16 GB for free on a free account, i.e. in Dropbox. Now tell me Dropbox or Google Drive?

File Syncing –

File syncing is when you work on a file and it is automatically saved. In this case, you will notice a big difference between Google Drive and Dropbox.

Because, in case of any file syncing in Google Drive, it starts after the whole file is uploaded or downloaded. Sometimes you have to close the app and restart it to see if you have edited something. The matter is not very convenient at all.

But Dropbox has made it very easy. Because, if you add or subtract something new to the Dropbox file, you can see it directly. There is no need for repeated on-off. Remember, this is only possible with Dropbox. And in this case, Dropbox basically uses block syncing. There are some more features like this that keep Dropbox ahead of Google Drive.

Last word

The majority (about 32.6 percent) of users of the popular virtual storage Dropbox are from the United States. However, the number of users is also increasing around the world.

From today’s discussion in this article, you must understand how effective Dropbox is in saving emergency files. So open a Dropbox account now without delay and ensure the security of all your files and information.

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