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8 Easy and Effective Ways to Keep A Laptop Good

The demand for laptops is comparatively higher than desktops due to the convenience of carrying. And from this demand, people feel more comfortable working on a laptop. Important tasks that cannot be done on a smartphone are basically done on a laptop. So at the present time more or less we are all becoming dependent on laptops. And it is the duty of each and every one of us to take care of this important device.

But due to not taking care of the laptop and not knowing and following some important information, many people have problems with the laptop slowing down, not charging, shutting down, starting late, etc. within 4/5 months. So in today’s discussion, there are some easy ways to keep the laptop good. If you continue to use these, your laptop will be active and high speed.

8 Easy and Effective Ways to Keep A Laptop Good

1. Charge the laptop properly (one of the ways to keep the laptop good)

Most people do not know how to charge a laptop. As a result, their laptops do not charge for a long time. Again, no matter how expensive a laptop you buy, if you don’t charge it properly, after 6 months or 1 year, the charge of the laptop will continue to decrease rapidly. Most people are used to charging the battery 100%.

This habit reduces the capacity of the battery cells and after a while the problem of not charging the laptop for a long time. If you have a habit of charging the battery 100%, leave it today. According to experts, laptops should be charged 60-65%. Then when you use it, you have to charge again after the charge reaches 40%. The charger should be removed only when it is 80-75% charged again.

The laptop should not be opened immediately after charging. Then use with a chance to cool for 5-10 minutes. Finish the laptop 100% charge 2 days a week. Repeating this procedure will keep the laptop charged for a long time.

2. Use a screen protector and keyboard protector (an effective way to keep the laptop well)

The first and foremost task after buying a laptop is to buy and use a laptop screen and keyboard protector. Screen protectors are just like the screen protectors we use on smartphones. Using a screen protector will prevent any stains or dirt from accumulating on the laptop screen.

All unwanted stains will stick to the screen protector and can be easily cleaned if dust accumulates. As a result, the screen of the laptop will be good as well as the novelty will be maintained. The keyboard protector is like a transparent rubber screen. Using it, the laptop keyboard will be dust-free and safe. Dusting on the keyboard is a time-consuming and tedious task. Keyboard protectors should be used to avoid this problem.

It is also very important for those who are in the habit of drinking tea and coffee to use the keyboard protector. Because if you go after tea and coffee carelessly, the laptop will ring twelve. And even if you can fix it, you have to spend a lot of money. So if you want to keep the laptop good, you must use a screen protector and keyboard protector.

3. Use a cooling fan (one of the most effective ways to keep a laptop cool)

For those who do most of the work on a laptop, it can be seen that their laptop may be getting hot after a few months. If you use a laptop for a long time, it is normal for the laptop to get hot. Laptops have a small range of hard disks, RAM, processors, motherboards, etc., and the laptop gets hot because they are used for a long time during the laptop.

If the laptop continues to heat up, the battery life also decreases. Use a cooling fan to solve this problem. When using a laptop with a cooling fan on, the laptop does not heat up easily and also increases the battery life of the laptop.

4. Use the laptop in the right place

Many people have a habit of sitting comfortably on the bed or sofa and running the laptop. If you have the habit, give it up today. This is because if you use the laptop in a soft place, hot air is created quickly and it cannot be ventilated. If this continues, one day your favorite laptop may be disabled. So always use the laptop in a solid and parallel place.

5. Turn on and off the power properly (an important way to keep the laptop good)

Studies have shown that about 26% of people do not turn the laptop on and off properly. Due to which the laptop becomes much slower and the normal performance of the laptop decreases. Most people turn off the laptop by pressing the key button. If you have the habit, quit quickly.

The correct rule to turn off the laptop is to go to the operating system and shut it down. Again, when you leave the laptop at the end of work but the laptop does not turn off completely. It goes into sleep mode. And in that case, if it is charged, even if nothing happens 2/1 times, if the incident is repeated often, it will have a bad effect on the laptop.

So whenever the work is finished, the laptop has to be turned off by shutting down from the operating system. And never turn on the laptop immediately after charging. Because the laptop stays a bit hot while on charge. So it should be used after waiting for 5-10 minutes to cool down.

6. Uninstall unnecessary software

It is better not to have excessive software on the laptop. Use as much as you need. Uninstall the rest of the software. This will put less pressure on the laptop’s processor. Having or keeping too much software increases the pressure on the processor and it heats up faster.

To reduce the pressure on the processor, many software can never be kept open at once. Keep any one software running as needed. Also, refrain from keeping unnecessary tabs open in the browser. Keeping many tabs open at the same time also puts pressure on the processor. The less pressure on the processor, the longer the life of the laptop.

7. Use Antivirus Virus (Ways to Keep Laptops Better)

We do file transfer, pen drive in-out, web page opening, etc. regularly. And, in most cases, these places contain viruses and spread from laptop to laptop. The virus ranges from damaging software to stealing important information, to hacking accounts.

To avoid these problems, you must have antivirus software on your laptop. There are many antiviruses available online that you can use. However, it is important to note that these antiviruses, which are always available online, do a partial job of preventing viruses. So if you want to be completely safe, use licensed antivirus.

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8. Clean the laptop and be careful when connecting to electricity

Laptops should be cleaned at least three times a month. If you attend, your used laptop will be good as well as attractive and new. So do not go to clean the table by rubbing with a wet cloth! Always use a soft cotton cloth to clean the laptop.

You can gently wipe the laptop with 3-4 drops of cleaner on a cotton cloth. When cleaning the keyboard and ventilator must be thoroughly cleaned using a cotton bar.

The cooling fan works well if the ventilator is always kept clean. Avoid plugging in or charging the laptop with the electrical board switched on. Always keep the multiplug switched off, charge it, and switch it off. This will not be likely to damage the laptop’s power connector.

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