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Hey, thank you for stopping by, and welcome on the “about page” of this site. Since you come to this page we assume that you are interested to learn something about this site. And that’s why I brought you some brief information below;

About the Website

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TechDeskBlog.com Is an IT, networking, and technology blog that publishes reviews on the latest gadgets & devices, and in-depth articles for online learners and IT & tech lovers.

TechDeskBlog was founded in April 2020 by Md Atiqur Rahman ATIQ.

The main goal of this site is to provide high-quality and latest articles, tutorials, tips, tricks, reviews, and many more based on the IT, networking, and technology sector.

About the Founder

My name is Md Atiqur Rahman, founder of this blog. Hopefully, you already know my nickname. I spend most of my time walking on the internet by using my 2 your old low configuration HP laptop and my favorite Google Chrome web browser for working on some of my blogs and websites.

I created this blog is because I want to help my readers to make their knowledge stronger! And my mission is to provide more articles for less experienced people who still need help. I always work on our reader’s demands and try to give the best quality articles.

Request to the Readers

If you find any spelling, grammatical, or any other mistakes in any article on this site, please let us know through the contact page or comment form. We encourage our readers to share their opinion through the comment form of the article.

If you need any assistance or any other information regarding topics that are related to my site, please visit the FAQ page or use the contact page.


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Thanks and Regards,
Md Atiqur Rahman ATIQ
Founder: TechDeskBlog.com