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Detailed Information About Adobe Lightroom Mobile

In this article, we will share very detailed information about one of the most popular photo editors and camera app called “Adobe Lightroom Mobile”. Nowadays, a lot of smartphone users using this app on their mobile devices to edit photos. Adobe Lightroom mobile is free for android and apple ios platforms. In both app stores, this app is named “Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor”, and in both stores, ratings and reviews of this app are average 4.8 out of 5.

What Is Adobe Lightroom Mobile?

Adobe Lightroom mobile is a powerful but easy-to-use software developed by Adobe Inc. to manipulate photos for mobile.

It is a simple and effective tool for mobile that can give a personal touch to your every photo.

It can change various aspects of a photo and make the image look more pleasing to viewers. Since it is a mobile-based software on the go, it’s straightforward to use. Also, it can be used anytime.

How To Download Adobe Lightroom Mobile?

This can be downloaded from various platforms like google play store, apple app store and other browsers.

In the google play store, just by searching the name “Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor”, and it can be downloaded. The apple app store follows the same methods to download the app.

But browsers follow a different rule because first, in the Google Search bar, you have to search the app’s name, then click the correct version it can be downloaded.

How To Use Adobe Lightroom Mobile?

Because the software is based on mobile devices, only it is straightforward to use. Since you can use it not just in your home or workplace, it is usable anywhere. The layout of the app is clear and understandable, so anyone can learn it.

All the components of the app have shown a clear description. It shows what each icon does, and there is a demo on how you can use it. For beginners, it is a very great app to start with.

How to Edit Your Photos?

You have to add your photos to Adobe Lightroom first and select the image you want to edit. After adding the image and selecting it down at the bottom of the screen, 15 options will appear at the bottom screen. Those options are the tools for editing the photo that you have selected. those options are,

  1. Selective; You can select any colour and change the particular colour also, you can high or low the colour capacity. It makes your photo look different in many ways.
  2. Healing; This is an option to remove various damaged sections of your photo. It can also change the colour distortion of any part of the photo. If there is any person in the picture, this option can change or reduce the facial sports or abnormalities.
  3. Crop; Every photo is like different sizes and has a certain amount of value. So if you don’t need any section of the photo, you can crop it out with this option. Also, it can rearrange your photo on a different scale so that your photo can have a specific different look than other photos.
  4. Presets; This is an option that has a few suggestions of presets over here. So you can have a clear purpose for what you are going to do with your photo. It is basically some of the pre-edited versions of your image in different colour grading, which you can use independently.
  5. Auto; In this option, basically you have to do nothing.
  6. If you click this option, then Adobe lightroom will rearrange all the aspects of the photo according to the software liking. But this option is not the final modification for the image. You can also use your own creativity over the auto option to your personal preference.
  7. Light; This option is built with all about controlling light functions. If the photo is too bright, you can adjust the brightness down and adjust the exposure also. It also creates a nice contrast between the subject and the background. Shadows and white areas can be customized by using this option. It can change the whole mood of a photo by just using the light options.
  8. Colour; Colour is also like ‘Selective’ that works on colour grading, but instead of selecting one colour, it captures all the colours in the photo to work with. It is like changing the seasons and the weather in the image. You can mix and match the colours to give the picture your own signature.
  9. Effects; Effects are after layers that apply to the photo after clearing all the aspects of the image. It makes the photo pop up. This brings a different professional touch to the picture. There is also a black and white option to make your photo black and white and make the image look classy.
  10. Detail; This option is specifically for the photo’s sharpness, and there are many aspects of the image that must be more detailed and sharp. To make that happen, it reduces the noise from the picture and also the colour noise. It also maintains the radius of the sharpness. And you can mask a substantial effect on the photo.
  11. Optics; When you use an actual camera, you use many optic lenses to capture the right photo at a right angle. In that time, optics helps you to correct the photo angle and also make it more dynamic. In this case, the ‘Optics’ option enables you to minimize that false capture. If the photo is slightly angled or bent, you can reduce that by using this option since we can not use optics on mobile devices. It is basically an auto function of Adobe Lightroom. So users don’t have complete control over its flexibility.
  12. Geometry; This is a paid function of the app, but it can help you change the photo’s point of view. It straightened the image to an angel that enables you to see the primary purpose of taking that photo.
  13. Profile; the profile is like various forms of your photo, which you can select by clicking on the preselected profile category. There are lots of profile options, and you can choose any of them.
  14. previous; It is just used for going forward and backwards between your edits. If you think you have to change something of earlier options, you can do it without changing the current option.
  15. Version; This is the option for your photo to save as many versions as you want. Like one is monochrome, black and white or artistic. It helps you to see your image in different shades.
  16. Preset; This preset option on the edit section is not a guideline or editing tool. When you edit your photo and do not complete the edit, you can save it here in the present. So you can see later what else you have to do with your improvement.

What Is the Benefit of Adobe Lightroom Mobile?

  1. This app is free for every mobile device.
  2. Because it is mobile-based, so it is very portable.
  3. It’s easy to use, and the description makes things clear.
  4. It can store all your photos.
  5. Photos are much higher quality than other editors.
  6. Adobe Lightroom has presets that helps you to learn.
  7. Everything can be customized according to personal choice.
  8. Adobe Lightroom also has online services and platforms.
  9. You can share the photo directly from Adobe Lightroom to another device.
  10. It has its own camera to directly capture and edit the photo.

And so on.

What Are the Presets of Adobe Lightroom Mobile?

Presets are like the filters made beforehand so that the user can use them as a guideline. Each and every preset is different from one another. Users can select them individually and based on their liking. After using presets, they also can use other options to make the photos unique. It helps the user build a plan for their image that they can apply to the picture as they like.

Adobe Lightroom has more presets than thousands of them, and also, they can make their own presets. Based on that, they also can purchase the other people’s presets and use them as their own.

How Many Sections Are in The Adobe Lightroom Mobile?

There are four sections in the Adobe Lightroom mobile;

  1. Library; This is the section where all your photos are stored, and you use the photos for editing. After adding the photos in the library, you can select a photo from the library and start editing. After editing, your photos will also be in the library; you can share the edited photo from here. Also, if you accidentally delete any of your photos, there is an option named ‘ Deleted’ in that option; you can see your deleted photos. So it’s easy for you to check every photo individually.
  2. Shared; After editing your photos, you can share the images to any device or web, so ‘Shared’ is the section where you can find what photos you have shared and when you shared them. It prevents you from sharing an image twice. So you can have proper control over your edited images.
  3. Learn; It is a section where you can learn new things about editing. This section, ‘Lightroom Education Team’, is always ready to help you at any moment and any problems with editing photos. And also, many people are posting new things about editing every day. So you can learn about your mistakes. You will find small tips about photos you are working on. This section helps you increase your editing skills and make faster progress.
  4. Discover; Based on what you are working on, this section will suggest that you see what other people are doing. So that you can inspire yourself and keep editing the photos. Thousands of people edit their photos and upload them here. They are showing how they have edited so that they can get feedback on their image and inspire others to do the same. If you upload your photos in this section, you will get to see how you have done with your photo; it will also help you improve your editing skills. And also you will find new people with the same interests as you.


Adobe Lightroom mobile was released on 7 December 2016 on Google play store. It is very effective, easy to use, and one of the most popular editing apps on the Google play store or the Apple app store. It is built up to its purpose and really does an excellent job at editing photos.

Almost anyone can use it because it is nicely laid out, and it is free to download. Because you can edit photos anywhere with fine-tune and a pro camera built-in, over a billion people use this app. It is a popular choice.

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