Reasons Why You Should Buy Custom Domain For Blogger

Why Buy Custom Domain: We all feel it necessary to give value to our work but when we're about to move on we make many mistakes unexpectedly and we become trackless and by the way being prompted to leave things of what we do as well as the entire efforts. I mean when we start blogging with blogger (as passion or profession) we get lots of $ worth of blogger free storage powered by Google and a subdomain like ( After doing blogging for about 3 months or over we get certain visitors, page views, comments, and overall some regular readers too. But when the time approaches to get jumped on the upgraded platform we fall into trouble of which decision should be taken.

I mean after knowing the benefits of custom domain what Blogspot offers to domain redirection in association with DNS transfer, CNAME (Alias) configured, Database transfer, etc. we're in trouble and lots of questions hack our brain. The major questions regarded with a perfect blogger domain provider, how to set up a custom domain, will it (domain transfer) really hamper on your current search engine rank or Alexa traffic rank, should you update your sitemap to Google webmaster tool again, etc.

All the questions will be answered below but I'd say according to my SEO experience that once you purchased a custom domain and redirected with Blogspot domain which means you're no longer hosted on another domain provider from Google you're on a self-hosted platform and other webmasters what benefits they get with the custom domain you'll have the same corresponding advantages regarding the rapid increase of google search engine page rank and Alexa traffic rank, highest income with third party advertising and whatnot. Let's do things of what we should do having blogger platform's custom domain redirection

Custom Domain Gives You Reputation

Today blogging is becoming a passion which turned into a profession for some people. There are millions of people joining the blogosphere within a couple of months and keeping the competition very high to be succeeded within the targeted time. If any person starts blogging with blogger then my first recommendation to purchase a custom domain (.com, .net, .org, etc.), because it's about 4 years blogger, turned custom domain redirection system for users and today it's totally impossible to think of any blogger, doing blogging with a subdomain like It may be fun to do with some people with a subdomain but it doesn't express the sincerity of you to do blogging.

Blogs with a custom domain are naturally reputed than blogs with subdomains. There are some other accessories like Link Exchange, Link Building with famous niches, expanding your blogging circle, build up a strong readership, communications with regular visitors, clients, and customers all these are possible when you run a blog with a custom domain. When you wish to market your domain, products, or services then you can do it faster if you have a custom domain and to social media, social bookmarking sites, web directories, forums, have a great value to custom domain and they index it very faster rather than subdomains.

A Custom Domain Gives You Credibility

Blogger is getting most popular no doubt but in this platform there are lots of spammy blogs getting increased day by day, to cheat people, only to make money by deceptive content, doing hacks to other sites, etc. You might notice that all these sites having lower content and no page rank after all. But once you purchased a custom domain and inform the world that you offer the right services, products for the people these things will satisfy users and will increase your credibility to readers while they'd feel free to explore your site confidently. Thus you get better credibility using the Blogspot platform.

Build Up Strong Network With Massive Fans, Followers

People will run after your site when they find it included unique contents, features, or products that you offer but they don't have so they must rush your site and ask for it but when a reader observe that you're running your blog under a subdomain then they will have an impression about not-so-good appealing. People definitely locate smart domains on the internet and bookmark them when they find a great consistency with your domain and content overall the theme of your site. A site with a .com domain may not be enough to be popular itself behind that you must work hard day and night and establish a real-time blogging platform for all people and thus you will rapidly grow online, get big fans, followers via Twitter, Facebook, google plus, Feedburner and other social media. And to do so a custom domain is a must for your blog, especially for blogger users.

People Get Alarmed With Current Content

When people will aware of your custom domain they will cordially visit your blog through random posts because they know that the work coming from a certain authority, and he/she is spending hours, toils, money to serve the internet with certain products and services whatever they have. When you publish unique content people will happily share it with friends and families through social media and other platforms. They will easily bookmark your site's specific pages and talk with other people if they get benefited from your site's content. This is the unique reason why subdomains do not play well on social networks whilst blogs whereas custom domains get a reasonable increase in traffic range via Search Engine, Social Bookmarking, Web Directories, Forums, etc.

Rapidly Improvement To Page Rank

Always custom domain holders get automatic improvement into page rank both in Google and Alexa whereas using Blogspot domain which means the subdomain will have too little chance of page rank improvement and you could see the Alexa rank will be hanging within 200000 to 300000 that should be very bad news for a blogger. Sometimes you will have no Page Rank in Google or Alexa with a subdomain. I personally don't like to exchange links with subdomain as we started our blog with subdomain and many links remained with but we've no worry because all those links will be automatically redirected to our custom domain so no chance of creating a dead link or link breaking.

PageRank Will Speedup Automatically

As many sites will start referring your domain, so many readers will bookmark your pages, social bookmarking sites also do so automatically thus you get a rapid increase of your page rank. The more Diggs, Stumbles, Likes you receive the better you get higher on the blogging race but all these are possible only when you own your custom domain and not a free subdomain which demolishes your page rank update as well as discourages readership.
#7 PageRank Will Automatically Stabilize With Next PR Update
All of us know that Google robots crawl and index each page of our site if we submitted our sitemap through Google Webmaster Tools. Google bot automatically indexes and locates all redirected pages and posts on your site and your ranking will be automatically granted back with the next PageRank when it will be updated.

Only Domain Is Enough No Hosting Required For Blogger

When you choose blogger as the unique blogging platform you need not do anything else, just register a domain from any domain provider(I personally recommend NameCheap domain over GoDaddy) and update DNS records and wait about two hours all your CNAMEs, DNSs will be redirected to the custom domain successfully and you will see a custom domain and no more of domain with your static pages, posts, etc. Fortunately, blogger gives off the users free hosting to host pages, posts, media content, images, apps, etc for free whether blogger's no.1 contender WordPress needs huge cost to run under specific hosting per year and the cost is about $50 at-least whereas blogger needs $0.00 forever and it gives your chances of running up-to 50 blogs per account. And this is the only reason why people like me prefer Blogger over WordPress.

You Can Grow Your Business Online

Once your blog attracts targeted traffic, readership, better page rank, author rank then you can offer guest posting, product reviews, sale banners, and earn day and night. Sponsors will determine your blog to advertise while they find quality traffic on your blog. Subdomain holders are always underestimated even if they have certain traffic strength

Earn Some Extra With Third-Party Revenue Sharing Sites

Most of the third-party advertising sites don't support subdomain even publisher sites like Google Adsense (which is now a sky-touching factor of being approved), Adbrite, Chitika don't allow subdomain to be approved as today here great competition which makes subdomain holders be lagged behind. But for custom domain holders, there are all supports are available for them once they're being disapproved by publisher platforms I think it's nothing to be worried about still they can generate about 50% revenue of their blog's entire income by third part advertising with BuySellAds, Adpost, and other advertising sites

It Costs Around $10.00 To Purchase A Custom Domain

Now you can buy a domain as low as $11.00 currently ongoing NameCheap and about $12.99 currently going on GoDaddy(which is definitely much costlier than NameCheap). Before purchasing our domain we searched for top domain providers and amongst them, we chose NameCheap with reasonable domain cost of late and also they have very faster blogger DNS record updated procedure.

What Are You Waiting Yet?

I expect you all to run a successful business online and this achievement will be made only when you work on a self-hosted platform (like .com, .net, .org, etc.) not just like a subdomain ( I tried to put my ultimate knowledge to make you understand why a custom domain is needed and some references for buying a custom domain. I already told and amongst all domain providers, I strongly recommend NameCheap, and earlier this post we published how to set up a custom domain of blogger with Namecheap. I think this ultimate guide will help you learn more about domain redirection with bloggers.

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