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Top 5 Android Video Players

Android is the fastest-growing mobile operating system, usually for touch screen smartphones. It is an awesome mobile operating system with lots of customization options and many amazing features. Almost all good mobiles are using it. Many big mobile companies like Samsung are using Android because it takes the mobile to the next generation of functioning and operating. Android comes up with a huge number of applications, if we say that if you think about doing something with your mobile then there must be an application (free or paid) that can help you to complete your specific task. Android is a multitasking operating system that is based on Linux Kernel. The user interface of android is user-friendly, simple, and highly customize-able.

Android lets you play High Definition/Quality videos even 1080 Pixels quality videos, so you can watch all the movies, video tutorials, and anything you want to see on your mobile. So you just need a good video player. Video Players require user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple user control so you can watch your videos as you like. Android has many video players but it is really hard to find a good one.

So with this article, we will help you in getting the Top 5 Best Android Video Players that are must-haves and you are surely going to like them.

MX Player

MX Player - Top 5 best Android Video Players

MX Player is the most popular and amazing video player for android. It has lots of features and has the ability to run almost all kinds of videos that you want to run on your android mobile device. It offers a quality display of videos. You can also run the highest quality videos on this awesome application. Its amazing features and use-ability make it the number 1 Video player application for android.


KMPlayer for AndroidA good alternative to KMPlayer, it is a full-purpose android video player with lots of features just like KMPlayer. It has a comprehensive list of video codecs that make this android application a great video player. It is the best video player for you if you are looking for an MKV video player. This video player is especially used by people who want to watch long videos such as movies etc.

Real Player

Real Player - Top 5 best Android Video Players

You must have heard the name before, maybe you have used it on your Computer too. It was made for PC users but it is now also available for android users. Real Player comes in the best free video players for android. It offers lots of features as you can see in the screenshot.


VPlayer - Top 5 best Android Video PlayersAnother awesome high-quality video player for android. It is also widely used by people for watching movies and long videos.

VLC for Android

VLC For Android Beta - Top 5 best Android Video PlayersVLC is one of the most popular video players for computers and finally it is now available for android. It is now available only in the beta version. It is also an awesome video player for watching videos on your android device.

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