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Ways to Keep Mobile Phone Batteries Good

Where mobile is our daily companion, with that in mind, it remains a matter of knowing the ways to keep the battery of the phone good. So in today’s article, I will discuss the ways how you can keep the battery healthy of the phone.

Everything in the world has an end. In the same way, no matter how well or carefully you use your mobile phone, after a while it will end.

So we need to know about the ways to keep the battery of the phone good. Each mobile has a specific charging cycle. That means you can charge your favorite phone a maximum of a certain number of times. And this limit can be from 5000 to 10,000 times or more.

The matter can be given with examples, suppose, you can charge your phone a maximum of 5000 times. This means that after charging 5000 times, your phone’s battery will lose its functionality. Now if you have to charge your phone twice a day then 365 * 2 = 730 times a year. This means that your phone’s battery will lose its functionality in about 5 years.

So you can hold your phone charge for as long as possible. A less charge will be required. And the battery will be able to retain its proper function for a long time. Moreover, we have some daily mistakes in the use of mobile phones due to which we lose the functionality of our favorite mobile phone very quickly.

So let’s talk about ways to keep the phone battery good.

Ways to keep the phone battery good

In today’s article, here are some tips on how to keep a good mobile phone battery –

Do not use live wallpapers

We often use live wallpapers on mobile phones to enhance novelty or beauty. Although it looks beautiful, it also helps to give a different look to our phones.

But you would be surprised to know, these live wallpapers are kind of working against us. Because live wallpapers always keep the processing process of our mobile phone active, due to which it constantly consumes the battery of the phone.

Battery Usage Monitoring

Whether you are an Android user or an IOS/iPhone user, you will see an option called Battery in your phone’s settings. From there you will get the details of which apps of your phone are consuming the amount of battery.

Settings > Battery > Battery Usages

Take a good look at the amount of battery that any app on your phone consumes. And if there is an app that you are not using but is consuming your phone’s battery, delete it immediately.

Do not use excess brightness

Brightness is very important among the ways to keep the battery of the phone good. If you notice one thing, you will see how much charge your app has consumed in the battery usage of the phone after using the mobile phone all day, whichever app is there, the screen of the phone will be in 1/2 position.

And extra brightness on mobile phones means extra battery consumption. You can use Auto-Brightness Mode to control the brightness of the phone. However, I would say manually use the phone brightness as you need.

Never use the battery completely

Another important way to keep a good battery life is to make full use of the battery. Many of us make a common mistake in using mobile in our daily life. And that is to use the battery of the mobile phone completely. To put it more clearly, many of us only charge mobile phones when the battery of the mobile phone runs out of 20 percent or less. This means that we continue to use mobile phones until we see a low battery notification on the phone.

According to various researches, a mobile phone battery level should always be between 40 and 100 percent. This means that the mobile phone battery should be charged when the battery level of your phone drops to 40% or less.

That means always trying to keep the battery level between 40 to 100% for the battery life of the mobile phone.

Turn off unnecessary notifications

We use different types of apps on mobile phones all the time. And these apps provide us with notifications from time to time.

But you don’t need notification of all the apps that are used on your phone. Notifications for those apps should be turned off.

Because these notifications come from the background activity of different apps. Which constantly consumes the battery of your mobile phone.

So turn off push-up or pop-up notifications for all apps that you don’t think need notification. This will protect your phone from unwanted battery consumption.

Always keep Bluetooth on

Bluetooth and Wifi play a key role in keeping the phone’s battery good. Today, in 2021, when WiFi is in full swing, many of us have not been able to say goodbye to Bluetooth. Yet Bluetooth is a very important technology for most of us smartphone users.

Since Bluetooth technology is much more advanced now than ever before, we often use Bluetooth for various purposes such as Bluetooth speakers, or Bluetooth smart devices. But many of us don’t think that most of the time we turn on the Bluetooth function unknowingly. Which tends to consume batteries in our mobile phones.

Now many of us may be wondering, what is the harm of keeping the function on when we do not connect our smartphone to any Bluetooth device?

The answer is very simple. Even if your smartphone is not connected to any type of Bluetooth device, with the Bluetooth function turned on, they are constantly scanning for a new device from time to time, which can lead to battery consumption in the background.
So for the longevity of smartphone batteries, we need to keep these small things in mind. So it is better to never turn on Bluetooth or WiFi function unnecessarily.

Use the phone while it is in charge

If the mobile phone is an electric device and it needs a break or rest after a certain period of time. Please do not use the mobile phone plugin or while charging. In other words, while the mobile phone is in charge, try to keep it as idle as possible.

Many of us play games or watch movies while our phone is charged. Which is not right at all. It interferes with the charging of your phone. Which is very detrimental to a battery charging cycle. This is especially important when it comes to how to keep the phone’s battery running.

Use the screen time out option

We are all more or less familiar with the screen time-out option. However, those who have heard the name still do not understand. Let me say a little for them. You may have noticed that the display of the phone goes off after a specified time of leaving the mobile phone. This is the function of the screen time-out option.

If you do not make any changes to this option, it will usually take effect after 1 to 2 minutes. This means that the display of your phone normally turns off after 1 or 2 minutes. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

So if you want you can reduce the screen time out the time of your phone to 30 or 15 seconds. This will help increase the battery life of your phone.

The screen time out option can be in the Display Setting or Lock Screen Settings of your phone.

To keep the battery of the mobile phone good, it is necessary to turn off the unnecessary battery consumption of the phone, and therefore the screen time out option is also very important among the ways to keep the battery of the phone good.

Use airplane mood in bad signals

You will often notice that the mobile network goes up and down a lot when you are traveling or traveling. At that moment, mobile phones consume a lot more charge than usual. Because, at that time, mobile phones are constantly searching the network for good signals.

So what to do at that time? It is best if you keep your phone in flight mode or airplane mode during the low signal. And if you get a low signal somewhere, it is better to use a WiFi network without using mobile/cellular network. This will protect your phone from unnecessary battery consumption.

Use Dark Mood

If your phone has a dark mood option, you must use it. Because this option will save the phone a lot more battery than usual.

However, if your phone’s display is not AMOLED, then this Darkmood option will not work very well.

Keep the phone away from excessive heat or cold

Excessively cold weather reduces the efficiency of electric devices and at the same time, excessively hot weather creates bad chemical reactions in the phone’s battery. Which is fatally harmful to your phone.

So keep any kind of electric device away from excessively hot or cold weather, not just mobile phones.

12. Turn off auto-update

We all make this mistake. We keep on automatically updating the apps on the phone without any need. Which is responsible for the extra battery consumption of mobile phones.

Because, if you keep the automatic update of the phone apps on, it will continue to search for new updates in the background. Which we know as a background activity.

So you understand that automatic update means a lot of background activity, which is the reason for the battery consumption of the phone.

Turn off vibration options unnecessarily

We need the vibration option in our mobile phone in different cases or tasks. For example, in a noisy place or during a trip, or in a place where the phone needs to be kept silent, and at that moment we do not want to miss emergency phone calls. For that, we keep the vibration on our phones. However, it is an emergency.

But many of us use this vibration option for various unnecessary purposes. For example, on the phone’s keypad, alarm, or virtual another keypress, which consumes unnecessary battery in our phone. And it is detrimental to the long life of our phone battery.

Keep background activity off

We use different types of apps on our phones. However, it is not necessary to keep the background activity of all the apps running. For example, let’s talk about the Messenger app. Facebook and Messenger are now some of our daily essential apps.

You will notice that if your phone has an internet connection, a notification will be sent as soon as someone texts you on Messenger. That means this messenger app keeps its activities running in the background. However, if you turn off the background activity of the messenger, the message will come to your messenger, but it will not show you any kind of notification until you open the messenger app.

Many types of apps do not require background activity. You can protect your phone from extra battery consumption by turning off the background activity of those apps.

You need to take some precautions to turn off background activity –

There is another side effect of blocking the background activity of mobile phone apps. You need to be a little more careful in this regard. You can only turn off background activity for apps that you don’t use very often. For example, I mentioned the Messenger app as an example. But Messenger is an essential app for many of us.

Now if you turn off the background activity of a user app. If you open those apps repeatedly, you will need a little more resources and power than you need. Which will cause excess battery consumption of your phone’s battery.

So just turn off the background activity of the apps that you don’t use too much.

Use of third party chargers

One of the best ways to keep your phone battery running is to avoid using a third-party charger. We often charge the phone whenever we go out or when we are out of the house and if we need to charge our mobile phone at that moment, we charge it with any charger we have at hand. Which is a fatal mistake. Kenana does not provide the same power supply to all phone chargers.

For example, a 5-watt charger from SAMSUNG will supply the same amount of power or in parallel, but no local company will be able to supply the same amount of charger. Moreover, official chargers have different types of safety settings that are not available in unofficial chargers.

And using this type of charger can cause serious damage to your phone’s charge capacity cycle. Which can cause problems ranging from battery swelling to low battery capacity.

Use of fast charger

Suppose your phone does not support fast charging. But you got a fast charger on hand and charged with it and saw that your phone was charging very fast. Can get very fun at first. But the thing is that it can cause harmful problems like swelling of your phone battery.

In 2014, I used a SAMSUNG GALAXY J5 phone. And with it was a charger of 1.5A but with a charger of 2.0A available at hand, the charge was seen to be much faster than before. Diameter, with only 5-6 times charge, I saw that the battery of our phone is swollen. ):

However, if your phone supports fast charge, then you must charge it with the fast charger that comes with it.

Do not use antivirus

Many of us use antivirus apps on our mobile phones to protect our favorite mobile from viruses. But many of us do not know that both Android and iPhone devices have built-in virus protection.

As a result, these antivirus apps take up space in our phone’s storage and RAM unnecessarily, causing our phone to consume extra battery, starting from slow.

Not using utility apps like Cleaner and Power Saving

We use a variety of power-saving apps and cleaner apps to keep the mobile phone battery charged for a long time and to remove various unnecessary junk files in the mobile.

But here too many of us make a fatal mistake. That is this kind of cleaner or power-saving app, no matter what. It is already built into our phones. And these types of apps are just like antivirus apps, taking up phone storage space, slowing down the phone, and consuming extra battery.

Charge the phone from time to time

If you charge the phone once a day, try to charge the phone at any time of the day or night. For example, if you charge the phone in the morning, charge the phone every morning. This will charge and discharge your phone’s battery promptly.

Last word

You can easily increase the battery life of your phone by following the above-mentioned ways to keep the battery of the phone good.

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