What Is Blogger Domain And Custom Domain?

Nowadays in online platforms in every one-hour many blogs are birth. But those bloggers seriously doing their work then they get success and many bloggers lose their interest very quickly after start blogging and they stop posting for due to some reason.

Blogger is one of the best places where every person can get free hosting and subdomain. And it is one of the reasons that is why some bloggers fail to continue blogging is “Free Subdomain“. So, In this article, we will try to make your concept clear about the Blogger Subdomain and Custom Domain.

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What is a Custom Domain?

The blogger custom domain means you are particularly using a domain like .com, .org, .in, etc. I am especially recommended the “.” domain because it will give you a professional website look. You are typing my website in your web bar:


What is a sub-domain?

The Blogger is one of the best free blogging platforms that give us free subdomain and hosting for blogging. You can take an example like google.com is the Domain and the support.google.com is a subdomain of Google.

Similarly, you are using the Blogger domain in your blog. If you are using a Blogspot platform free domain then it will look like the below web address:


Custom Domain

The Custom Domain means a personally owned URL. Nowadays anyone can purchase a “.COM” domain at the low price of USD. 10$. Our recommended domain registers are NameCheap or GoDaddy. Although, If you search on the internet, you will find more websites to buy a domain from where you can buy domain names at a better offer.

So, if you are interested to purchase another domain you can purchase them as your need. However, our advice is to set up a custom domain for your blogger blog from wherever you buy.

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